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Why Live Wire Apparel doesn't do Black Friday

Live Wire Apparel - Why we don't do Black Friday


No Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales ... and here's why:


I have been asked many times over the past week when I am going to update the Live Wire Apparel website with the Black Friday sales.

While it is my intention to offer clients fashion forward, comfortable clothing at affordable prices, I don't do 'Black Friday' sales, and here's just a few reasons why:

  1. As a small business Live Wire Apparel (my) purchasing power is limited, this means the bulk buying wholesale discounts offered to large chain store don't apply to me / Live Wire Apparel. Small profit margins would disappear if I tried to match the large chain store price structure.

  2. I put my heart and soul into each and every sale I make and I don't want to discount that. (Yes, I do spot sales every now and then - especially when I need the floor space!)

  3. Like most small businesses, I actually do a happy dance when I make a sale - I am pretty sure large chain stores don't do that.

  4. Any profits made through Live Wire Apparel goes to buying the next collection of clothing, my boys education, living expenses ... . It does not go to shareholders, pay big fat bonuses to greedy CEOs ... it helps my family live.

I hope you understand and continue to support Live Wire Apparel, and understand why I don't and never will do Black Friday sale discounts.

Peace + much love, 

Leah xx

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