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Mud, Music + Mayhem!

It rained, it poured and the crowds ROARED as my favourite bands bashed out some pretty amazing tunes at the recent Red Deer Music Festival.  Yes - 2 music festivals in 2 weeks.  Welcome to my fantasy life!  Live Wire Apparel now gives me a legitimate excuse to check out my favourite bands, wear my favourite jeans + tops and mix with my favourite people! It was a ripper of a festival, albeit very, very wet.  It was made all the more awesome by getting to hang with Live Wire Apparel fan + award winning musician, Leanne Tennant and the boys from Shag Rock ... also (zero) thanks to the boys from Fire and Whistle Theory for keeping the party going til 5am (ha!) .... Anyhoo, I'm about to update the Live Wire Apparel Spotify playlist with some new stuff ... check it out. L xx

 P.S Here's some pics of the muddy mayhem aftermath!



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